SX IO 1.0.8

The latest version of SX IO is now 1.0.8. This is mainly a bug-fix release but there are a couple of small new features.

  • Fixed M25C decoding.
    • There was a bug in the reconstruction code for the M25C  which meant un-binned images had a slight residual matrix pattern. This release fixes that bug and adds a tool to fix un-binned full frame images from previous releases.
  • Support for Maxi filter wheel with up to 11 filter slots
    • I haven’t been able to test this on an actual device so if you have one and notice a problem please let me know.
  • Fixed crash when showing equalised RGB images
  • View menu and capture settings are now remembered when you quit the app
  • You can now set your location by dragging a pin on a map view in Preferences…
  • Fixed a progressive slowdown in continuous capture mode
  • Fixed various bugs relating to selection behaviour
  • Added cancel capture AppleScript command
  • Raised exposure count limit to 10000

As always, bug reports and feature requests are welcome. You can use the Send Feedback menu item in the app or the Contact form on the right.

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